Quality Improvement Exercises

The five Practice Quality Development Events (one double) will offer the opportunity for practices to work together, offer peer support and review of specific areas, share learning as well as delivering education and development in relation to the quality agenda.

Battersea Healthcare will:

  • Facilitate a series of five events over the year for practices with regard to the needs of delivering the quality agenda
  • Agree with the CCG in advance the topics to be addressed
  • Ensure appropriate agendas and speakers for the topics being covered
  • Carry out evaluation of each event, and topic

Patient Engagement (double task) (Part 1 – June, Part 2 – August)

BHCIC recognise the importance of hearing, the hard to hear voices in our communities. This exercise will focus on the housebound. This exercise needs to be relevant to each practice and therefore will encourage practices to consider how this exercise will provide the maximum benefit for them.  The practices teams will be asked to answer a range of questions around the numbers of housebound patients they have, how many are known to CAHS, are they on PACT or ECP. BHCIC will develop a questionnaire to share with practices and conduct discussions with five housebound patients to illicit their views on healthcare provision by the practice. The practice will then be required to convene a team meeting to agree at least one action on how practice will be changed considering the patient feedback. Practices may wish to involve their Patient Participation Groups in this exercise. Proposals will be shared with Healthwatch prior to dissemination.

Please click here to submit your patient engagement action plans.

Dissemination of Information (July)

This exercise will encourage practices to consider how information flows through their practices, how they can improve it to ensure all staff are as informed as possible to aid effective care delivery. This will include reviewing contents of team meetings, ensuring named staff are clear on their accountabilities for cascading information and is embedded in day to day work patterns. The Federation recognises that all practices operate differently with regards to communication flow, however the Federation will be looking for a practice that manages this particularly well to showcase this for the world café event to share learning.

Please click here to submit your Dissemination of Information data.

Patient Safety (September and March 2019)

This exercise will build on the task undertaken in 2016-2017 focusing on reporting of SEAs and completion of MAD alerts. The task will be in two parts over the year requesting data to elicit

  • Numbers of staff in the practice (clinical and non-clinical)
  • Numbers of staff trained in Level 1 and 2 Adults and Children’s safeguarding
  • Numbers of internally reported incidents within the preceding 6 months
  • Numbers of externally reported incidents
  • Numbers of complaints received (upheld and not upheld)
  • Numbers of SEA meetings held

Please click here to submit your Patient Safety data and action plans.

End of Life  (November & February)

The fourth Quality Improvement Exercise will focus on End of Life care to help Practices think about their supportive care registers, particularly in relation to patients with a non-malignant diagnosis, and to prepare for the End of Life learning event planned for 29th January 2019.

The task has three parts with payment being made after all three aspects are completed. This payment will be made at the end of Q4 (in practice accounts within the first two weeks of April 2019)

Elements of this Improvement Exercise

  1. Completion of an initial questionnaire to gather data
  2. A visit / telephone call from a member of the BHCIC End of Life Care Team to help explore this further with individual practices held with a Practice Manager, Practice Nurse or GP
  3. Submission of an action plan (waccg.quality@nhs.net) aiming to help recognition of patients with a non-malignant diagnosis who may benefit from being on a supportive care register. The action plan will be generated during the visit/ telephone call with the EoL Lead

The questions for the initial part of the Improvement Exercise will provide a baseline and will need to be completed by 17.00 Friday 30th November 2018

The deadline for the practice to have a visit / telephone call from BHCIC EoL Leads is Friday 18th January 2019. For Practices who have met with the EoL Team since August ’18 you are welcome to book a further visit / conversation but are not obliged to, as this visit will count towards this exercise.

The deadline for submission of the practice action plan is 17.00, Friday 1st February 2019.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like any support with this Improvement Exercise

Please click here to submit Element one of this improvement exercise.