Our Member Practices

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Member practices in Wandsworth

There are 38 GP practices in Wandsworth and they are BHCIC shareholders. This means the practices are essentially the owners of our organisation. We hold an Annual General Meeting that shareholders attend where we provide an update of what has happened throughout the year and areas we would like to work on in future. Any decisions are agreed through discussion with our shareholders.  

What is a Primary Care Network?

Every practice belongs to its own group of practices know as a Primary Care Network ( PCN ). The 38 practices are divided up into nine PCNs in Wandsworth. Through the MCP we work collaboratively with the PCNs to bring all services in Wandsworth together. 

On the map below the practices have been grouped by colour - practices with the same colour belong to the same PCN .

Click a pin for more detailed information about a practice.

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PCN Clinical Directors

Each PCN has a Clinical Director. Clinical Directors provide leadership and help shape strategic plans, working with member practices in their own PCN and the wider group of PCNs across Wandsworth to improve the quality and effectiveness of the network of services available to patients.

How we work with the Clinical Directors

BHCIC has a significant part to play in helping the local primary care system to be organised and supported to provide effective and efficient leadership, management and service delivery. Part of that means working between primary care providers and the wider health and care system, and making sure primary care has a strong voice in Wandsworth. The recent creation of a formal collaborative between the 9 PCNs through their Clinical Directors and BHCIC working as Primary Care Wandsworth provides a positive first step in this direction at local level. 

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Who are the Clinical Directors


Dr C Bayer and Dr R Seal


Dr P Smith


Dr L Quinton


Dr C Scott and Dr N Jones


Dr C Ellis and Dr M Lenman


Dr S Barker


Dr E Cole

*Balham, Tooting and Furzedown


Dr S Patel and Dr T Bailey

West Wandsworth

Dr Z Rose and Dr F Hasan

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Development of Integrated Care Systems

Since 2018, Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) have been developing between the NHS, local councils and other key partners such as community services and the voluntary sector. In South West London six boroughs have come together to form the South West London ICS : Croydon, Kingston, Merton, Richmond, Sutton and Wandsworth.

The aim of an ICS is to develop better and more convenient services and set shared goals for the future of patient care and treatment with the aim of keeping people healthy and out of hospital. Each borough will work as part of this bigger ICS collaborative but will also be able to plan and coordinate services they need at a local level - this will be known as 'Place'.  

BHCIC plans to prioritise establishing a leadership presence and making an effective contribution to the creation and operation of the South West London ICS , with a particular focus upon building our role within the future collaborative working arrangements for the Wandsworth ‘Place’.