PACT – Practices & HCPs

What is PACT and who is it for?

PACT, which stands for Planning All Care Together, is a new way of providing healthcare to patients with complex health needs and long term conditions.

The patients who can be managed under PACT are:

  • Patients with multiple needs and/or comorbidities
  • Housebound patients
  • Residents in Care Homes
  • Dementia/stroke patients
  • Patients with primary Mental health needs
  • Patients who in the last 5 years have received a cancer diagnosis
  • Stable Haematology patients
  • Stable mental health patients referred by Secondary Care who require depot injections
  • End of Life patients
  • Patients requiring follow up to bowel cancer and mammogram screening
  • Patients requiring a referral to Wandsworth Integrated Falls and Bone Health service
  • Carers, and especially young carers

Services which are provided under PACT span comprehensive care planning and participation in Community Services multi-disciplinary/joint care planning processes; drug monitoring (e.g. DMARDS) and drug administration for some patients referred by Secondary Care provider; provision of support to carers; supporting and promoting patient education and patient self-management;

The aim of PACT is also to improve the quality of GP Consultations through a regular GP Peer review, as well as promoting and supporting the training and education of primary care healthcare professionals.