Booking a DSN Practice visit

This year, there is one funded face to face (Nov- Jan) and one funded virtual (Feb-Mar) DSN visit per practice. Please contact the service on clcht.diabetes@nhs.net to book your preferred slot. These will be offered on a first come basis. It is advisable to give a range of possible dates in case your 1st choice has already been taken.

Please Note:

  • The DSNs will use the Eclipse tool to identify 10 patients at the visit to discuss. Please ensure your practice has signed up to using Eclipse, this is mandatory for these visits.
  • The visit is scheduled to last 2 hours. The Practice LIS requires a practice nurse and GP to be present for the duration of the meeting
  • If you cancel a planned DSN visit it is unlikely there will be capacity for the team to rebook. In this instance please attempt to swap your visit date with another practice. 
  • In February and March 2020 the DSNs plan to use Eclipse virtually to case find a further 10 patients on your practice list and feedback advice virtually about their management.  This will be discussed further at your face to face practice visit.

You may find this check list helpful to ensure you cover all the required areas in the meeting as these are needed when submitting your claim. Claims should be made via the Practice Submissions for each of the face to face and virtual meetings.

Eclipse User Guide

Diabetes Complete is an online interface allowing effortless management of your diabetes patients through seamless integration with all practice clinical systems and alignment to the National Diabetes Audit criteria.

It has been specifically designed to reduce GP workload through the empowerment of your wider practice team to deliver exceptional diabetes monitoring and treatment.

User Guide – Diabetes Complete

Refreshing Eclipse data

The practice can refresh the data themselves (please see link below) or Eclipse (contact: duncan@prescribingservices.org) will dial in and do it.  Eclipse must be refreshed within a 28 day period –you can do this yourself (our new calendar has a reminder on 15th of each month to do this refresh).  Over 28 days, EMIS settings require the searches to be reinstalled.

EMIS extract instructions