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Wandsworth Community Health Services

PO Box 130



0333 300 0950

31 January 2019

Dear   GPs

Wandsworth Community Adult Service (CAHS), Community Phlebotomy Service have identified a design fault with our CAHS referral forms.  This was picked up through investigation of a number of Make a Difference (MaD) alerts pertaining to failed blood requests.

On 28 December 2018, we identified that the patient’s GP and address was not on the blood request section of the referral form.  Without this information, the St Georges University Hospitals GP Pathology service would not have processed the sample. St Georges University Hospital did not inform us of the omission on the blood request form and the problem this has caused.

We have since updated the CAHS referral form to include the necessary information on the ‘Blood Request’ section of the document. This has been sent to our commissioners, Battersea Healthcare CIC, and they have confirmed that the new form has been uploaded onto the GP version of EMIS on 19 January 2019.   We have also informed all the staff of the problem and advised them that they need to write the GP name and address on the blood request form to ensure that the sample is processed.

We would like to apologise for our error and would like to thank the GPs who raised MAD alerts as without this, the problem would not have been identified and a solution found.

Kind regards


Noyola McNicolls-Washington

CBU Manager Wandsworth CLCH