Vulnerable patient lists request

Dear Colleagues,

You will have received a letter from different sources via the CAZ alerts system and from SWL Primary care team asking for actions relating to shielded and high risk patients.

We recognise that the ask is a difficult one and that it is time-consuming. I have feedback that the timeframe for completion is extremely tight. I know many of you will have gone about the task, and we are keen that we support you to minimise the work involved whilst maximising the outcome.

Dr Murray and Dr Jones and Dr Gibson are testing the “ask” with some local SWL practices . When we have done this we will be liaising and feeding back the work and the amount of work load to our London primary care colleagues to see if this ask can be further simplified and clarified.

Thank you to those practices that have feedback today and have alerted us to the issues you have faced doing this task.

We aim to give you a more tailored advice within the next 24 hours via email on the “ask”.

Many Thanks,
William Cunningham-Davis
Head of Primary Care
South West London.

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