National Testing Programme (NTP) – Home Delivery Testing Service

Dear All

The Covid-19 National Testing Programme (NTP) is developing a Home Delivery Testing Service.

Before this is formally rolled out, the NTP is running a home delivery system pilot for key workers to trial the home kit.

The aim of the Home Delivery Pilot is to demonstrate the end-to-end process for the delivery and collection of multiple types of test kit from key workers home.

Please note that as this is a pilot there is currently limited available capacity. Therefore we will contact you to confirm if you have been put forward for testing, and you will receive an invitation and instructions by email.

Only key workers are eligible for home testing, in order to ensure efficacy of the test itself, and to ensure that all tests are being used to help get key workers who are self-isolating back to work. Please note the following criteria:

  • Self-isolating because key worker is symptomatic – In this instance the keyworker is the only eligible person in their household to receive a Covid-19 test. No other members of their household are eligible.
  • Self-isolating because a member of their household is symptomatic, but the key worker is not – Only household member who are symptomatic are eligible to receive a Covid-19 test. The data that is needed to be sent to the National Testing Programme is: First Name, Surname, National Insurance Number, and Email Address. A household is limited to 5 tests. The test kit is able to be used on children.
  • Self-isolating for other reasons If the key worker is self-isolating for other reasons and is not themselves symptomatic, they are not eligible to be tested

If you meet the eligibility criteria, and would like to put yourself or a household member forward for the Home Delivery Test Pilot, please email the SWL Primary Care Team at by no later than 12pm on Monday 13th April 2020, with the following information:

  • First name
  • Surname
  • National Insurance Number
  • Email Address
  • Clinician’s name – if household member is being nominated
  • Practice name, Practice code, and the Borough the practice is in

Kind Regards,
South West London Primary Care Team
NHS South West London CCG
3rd Floor, 120 The Broadway
London SW19 1RH
Tel: 020 3880 0265

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