Urgent Dental Care Hubs for London

Please find below message from Martin Machray:

At this morning’s call I was asked to find more information about the urgent dental services available currently. The attachments should be of help along with this summary:

Access to urgent dental treatment is through the patient’ own practices and/or NHS 111 initially, this is the only way that a face-to-face consultation can be accessed.

To reinforce this message an email was sent to all GDPs on Friday containing the following statement:

‘For the avoidance of doubt: Call handlers are the first point of contact when dialling NHS 111, they will take some basic demographic information and then pass the call over to the Dental Nurse Triage (DNT) service where it will be clinically triaged.  If a face-face to appointment is the disposition given by the DNT, the patient will be directed to one of the designated Urgent Dental Care hubs.  Patients who attend hospital for urgent dental care will only be permitted entry to the hub if they have been directed to attend by the DNT.  The UDCHs are not walk-in services, so please refrain from directing patients through any other route than the prescribed one, i.e. NHS  111, otherwise they will not be seen.’

Martin Machray
NHS England and NHS Improvement, London
07568 431 866


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