Dear Colleague

Apologies for any double posting. Please find attached the national guidance on shielding patients. I believe it was trialled on the primary care webinar last week With Dr Nikki Kanani.

To summarise what I think is needed and at the risk of oversimplifying the tasks, especially due to the very short timescales given I have pulled out the key deliverables for you.

Please note the deadline of 5pm on 14 April.

The two areas of deliverables for tomorrow’s deadline only applies to two of the four noted in the guidance:

These are:-

Part 1 – to identify the individuals within your practice who have been flagged as vulnerable.  This is by running a specific search and the appendix to the document sets out how to do this for the various systems.

Part 3 – to add flags on patients who you know to be vulnerable, and send them the letter with advice on shielding – this letter is embedded in the document

The other 2 actions have the following deadlines:

Part 2 – review patients identified as high risk by acute trusts – you will receive letters from the trusts identifying these patients and only need to take action if you feel this is inappropriate.  This work is ongoing as the notifications come through

Part 4 – review the patients who have self-identified as vulnerable and assess their risk – this information will be available from 17 April and you are asked to complete this review by 20th April

We have raised with the national team of the potential of the need to bring in additional support if necessary to support this work. We have agreed that this would be appropriate and that it should be identified as a COVID expense. If you feel you do not have the current resources to complete these tasks.

Also please find attached the CAZ link that has been sent to all practices last week.

I hope this is helpful.

Liz Wise
Director – Primary Care and Public Health Commissioning

NHSE/I London Region
First Floor, North Wing
Wellington House
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London, SE1 8UG
Mobile:  07713 257335

Business Manager: Christine O’Leary
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