MESSAGE FROM DR NICOLA JONES: Latest coronavirus information

Update from Dr Nicola Jones,
Chair of the South West London Primary Care Cell

12th May 2020

Dear Colleagues

Practice managers will need to read this email carefully, to ensure your practice has switched on GP Connect and is prepared to receive the patients that 111 will book directly into a worklist. As indicated on the weekly National GP Webinar, it is not anticipated that the number of bookings will be high, but please make sure you are ready, so that the patient pathway is smooth and people get the care they need as early as possible. We have a team at SW London and in boroughs working hard to ensure this goes smoothly, so thanks for your help in getting this set up.

Also attached is information about the radiology waiting list at St George’s. So that patients are seen in order of clinical need, please read the document carefully and consider whether you can review your patients to ensure they are correctly prioritised.

Best Wishes

Dr Nicola Jones

Clinical Lead, SWL Primary Care

GP Connect

Following the national GP preparedness letter of 14th April 2020 which referred to the contractual requirement to make available a minimum of 1 appointment per 500 patients for direct booking from 111, complete details on what you need to do in relation to GP connect are contained in the two attached documents:

SWL GP Connect Booking Procedure
Guide to set up GP Connect on EMIS Web

Please note that this is initially for EMIS Practices only. GP Connect is as yet unable to work with Vision practices who should use current arrangements for booking, but follow the above contractual requirement on direct booking from 111. GP Connect booking for Vision will be available in the near future.

Sharing your record using GP Connect HTML Viewer has also been set up centrally by EMIS and is not optional.

Please start setting up EMIS for GP connect using the guidance now. Please set up as directed using this guidance and not other guidance that you may have been sent. It has to be set up as directed in this guidance to work properly.

Should you have any questions or problems please contact your GP IT Facilitator:

CCG AreaIT Facilitator  or
Kingston Chris Warren
07533 789 337
MertonLilette Noailly
07789 935 481
RichmondSalik Ahmed
SuttonKim Childs 
Wandsworth Anna Trela
07827 8080 55



Please find attached information from St George’s regarding the radiology service, along with information for each Trust on routine referrals and access to diagnostics.

People with serious mental illness or learning disabilities

There is concern during the Covid-19 lockdown that some people with serious mental illness (SMI) or learning disabilities (LD) may be struggling, their condition exacerbated by social distancing. The ambition is to ensure everyone with an SMI or LD is contacted to ensure they are coping and to offer support. The attached provides information on the routes where this may already have happened for many patients, and work done to support with this. We suggest that practices consider whether all their patients with Serious Mental Illness or a Learning Disability have the support that they need.

Antenatal appointments

Please find attached a table of the pathways (correct as of May 2020) showing which antenatal appointments should be with a midwife and which might still be provided by GPs. This is a COVID-19 arrangement and is subject to change. We will let you know if this pathway changes.


  1. Radiology Service SGH for GPs
  2. Routine referrals and imaging update for GPs 
  3. SMI LD
  4. Antenatal booking appointment modifications 

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