The MSK SPOA is a “Wandsworth MSK Alliance” and has been developed between Wandsworth CCG, St Georges University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (SGH) and Battersea Healthcare CIC (BHCIC).   The primary aim of this collaborative arrangement is to provide more streamlined and efficient access to the most appropriate local MSK services for patients but also to ensure the most effective use of clinical and administrative resources across the system.

The Single Point of Access took effect from 1 February 2019 and as part of these new working arrangements, MSK referrals for the following services are managed through a Single Point of Access (SPOA) provided by Battersea Healthcare:

✓ MSK Physio (incl. AQP Providers)✓ MSK Pain✓ MSK Rheumatology


GP Survey

The purpose of the SPOA is to ensure patients are triaged to the appropriate service ensuring a patient focused approach. This is where you come in – we would value your feedback regarding the separate SPOA and MICAS services.  Are we getting it right?  Is there anything we could do better or differently that would make a difference to your patients or to you?

A few weeks ago, we sent you a link to a questionnaire that we’d like you to complete.  It will take a few minutes of your time and your feedback will help us ensure we’re meeting the needs of our patients by shaping and making improvements to future service delivery:

SPOA now taking Urgent Referrals

Other important information includes the update of the DoS for the SPOA.  It has now been changed to receive Urgent as well as Routine referrals. This applies to Urgent Physiotherapy only.

Please note that urgent referrals with the following clinical presentations should not be referred to SPOA, in these instances please refer by existing urgent pathways:

  • Suspected Cancer
  • Red Flags
  • Worsening progressive Neurology
  • Urgent Orthopaedic and Rheumatology Referrals

Please also note that whilst in the past there has been a delay in triage of referral received by the SPOA due to capacity issues, this has now been resolved, all referrals are triaged and referred to the appropriate service within 72 hours of receipt.

We hope that these new arrangements will be straightforward.  However, should you have any questions, please get in touch as indicated below:

BHCIC Administrators:

Useful Documents

  1. AQP referral management guidance
  2. Quick reference guide MICAS
  3. MICAS Service information FV