Service Overview – MSK SPOA

What is the Musculoskeletal Single Point of Access?

Battersea Healthcare provides the Musculoskeletal Single Point of Access (MSK SPOA) triage service for Wandsworth.  The MSK SPOA triages patients to ensure they are seen by the correct MSK service in Wandsworth.

These include, but are not limited to:

Pain management.

If you are to be seen by a service other than MICAS, the booking will be handled by the hospital to which you have been triaged.  This will be St George’s Hospital, unless your GP states on the referral form that you wish to be seen by another hospital.

For MICAS booking details please click the MICAS link.

How do I get referred to this service?

Your GP will refer you to the MSK Single Point of Access via an electronic referral. This will be done on the e-Rs system. On receipt of the referral, a clinician will review it and select the most appropriate service.

Please note that the SPOA will not see your referral until your GP has added the referral letter to e-Rs. This can sometimes take a few days from your appointment with your GP, depending on the practice’s internal systems.

Contacting the SPOA

You can contact the SPOA on 020 7228 6654.

However, please be aware of possible delay outlined above.