Support for patients with cancer in Wandsworth during COVID-19 pandemic

Those who have cancer might be worried about how coronavirus affects them, and need extra support during this time. Please see list below (as per attachment) of support available as written by the Macmillan Primary Care Navigator Service. This can be useful when contacting patients to offer further support and advice’

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‘Further information on support to patients with cancer or suspected cancer can be found at…’


  1. COVID19 Cancer Support for patients 

Macmillan Rapid Referral Guidance

Please find below the easy to use desktop guide on when to refer patients using the new NICE cancer guidance.

Rapid Referral Guidelines

Cancer Research UK (CRUK)

Useful single page guide on when to refer and at what urgency – NICE: Suspected Cancer Recognition and Referral Symptom Reference Guide (pdf)

Useful website with information on the new guidance and practical tips – NICE Suspected Cancer Referral Guidelines

CRUK resources for health professionals are here – Resources for Health Professional

Links to GP and PN newsletters and sign up page – Cancer Insight Sign Up

Can order CRUK posters/ leaflets etc here – CRUK Publications

Cancer Research UK - Skin Cancer Recognition Toolkit

The Skin Cancer Recognition Toolkit is an initiative by The British Association of Dermatologists and Cancer Research UK, with initial funding from the Department of Health.

The toolkit’s primary aim is to guide GPs on the appropriate referral of lesions under the 2-week referral pathway. It comprises a variety of resources to improve knowledge of the different types of skin lesion, their typical features and referral guidelines. The toolkit also aims to facilitate learning via peer-to-peer discussions, with doctors able to submit photos of skin lesions and a brief case history for discussion. (requires a account to access)

Pan-London Cancer Referral Forms

Remember not all of the new NICE cancer guidance is active within London. Our own guidance has been developed and should be followed. The Pan London referral forms outline when a patient should be referred under the fast track 2 week-wait criteria.

New pathways are being developed, including direct to test pathways so watch this space.

[Updated] Pan London Suspected Cancer Referral Forms

Top Tips for GPs referring patients on a suspected cancer pathway (PDF)

Promoting earlier diagnosis of cancer in young people

Attached are links to a national initiative started by a GP whose daughter sadly died of cancer, to raise awareness amongst parents and health care professionals of the signs and symptoms that should trigger consideration of cancer in the differential diagnosis.

Awareness Card Ladybird Parent

Regional Red flags for clinicians

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