Cancer in Wandsworth


The aim of this page is to condense all the work that is being done at the Cancer CRG, and be a useful up to date guide on the services that GPs and practice nurses can refer patients too. It also contains useful links on the new NICE cancer referral and London specific guidance.

New services are being developed quite rapidly within the CCG, and with our colleagues at St Georges Hospital and The Royal Marsden Vanguard.

Please do visit this site regularly to keep up to date as new services and pathways are continually being developed.

The secondary care services on this page are mainly commissioned from St Georges Hospital, but even if your patient is not being treated at St Georges they may be able to be referred to these services.

You will find the majority of the referral forms on DXS.

Any queries or suggestions please do contact me.

Dr Owen Carter
Cancer Commissioning lead and Macmillan GP for Wandsworth
Macmillan GP Facilitator
Wandsworth CCG