Special Patient Notes

Special Patients Notes are also known as “SPNs”.

As London Ambulance Service (LAS) may be called to a patient’s home, they can be made aware that the patient is a part of the ECP500 through the “special patient notes” which are available to several healthcare providers such as LAS, out of hours, 111, and so on.

The usual form should be completed usually by the patient’s GP (an example is shown below) which should be sent to SELDOC when it has been completed.

In the LONG TERM CONDITION section, you should complete the following text:

“This patient is on the Enhanced Care Pathway. This means that they are in the top 500 people in Wandsworth who are at highest risk of sudden deterioration and emergency hospital admission. The patient has a care coordinator (tel: XXXXXXXXXXX, Mon-Fri Xam-Xpm) and a key worker (tel: XXXXXXXXXXX, Mon-Fri Xam-Xpm) who can be contacted to discuss this patient.

The patient’s care plan is embedded below. It is accurate as of XX/XX/XXXX.”

The patient’s care plan should be attached to the email when sending it to SELDOC.