PCN Development Programme 2020 – A multi-disciplinary leadership programme to translate vision into impact.

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Date(s) - 08 Oct 2020 - 04 Mar 2021



The London Leadership and Lifelong Learning Team are delighted to announce the second cohort of this programme; updated to  reflect the rapid  changes COVID has bought about to the way we work and designed to equip PCN leaders with the understanding, tools, skills, strategies, networks and time to develop and deliver an engaging PCN vision and purpose. Multiple dates: see below

The Programme provides PCN leaders with the opportunity to learn from and with Network colleagues, building the confidence, community and capabilities to shape the way healthcare is delivered locally and regionally.  Specifically, the Programme aims are to:

  • Provide delegates with a robust and contextualised learning environment to develop new ideas, relationships, strategies and skills to lead their Primary Care Networks’ ambition and delivery within a national context which asks Network leaders to lead for improvements in patient care, population health, workforce diversity/well-being and system change.
  • Build on the learning from primary care’s rapid response to Covid19
  • Create opportunities to learn about new thinking and approaches by working with them as a group. This will include, for example, Asset Based Community Development, co-creation, collaborative leadership, transformational change, system influence and mindful leadership.
  • Build a multi-disciplinary learning community, where delegates can work with others on shared challenges and opportunities within PCN leadership
  • Develop and enhance leadership insight and impact to support PCN maturity
  • Enhance and broaden delegates personal network of local and national healthcare leaders, thinkers and decision makers in Primary Care development.

Attending the Programme

 Delegates will find the Programme responsive, engaging, interactive, informative, enabling and practical.  The Programme will iterate and evolve around participant interests and assets, providing a uniquely relevant experience for all participants.  There will also be an opportunity to work with a small group of colleagues on a personal leadership ambition in support of PCN development, providing an opportunity for real applied learning and peer collaboration.

 The Facilitator

The programme is led and facilitated by Louisa Hardman of Living Potential.  Louisa is an experienced leadership facilitator who has worked alongside healthcare leaders for many years.  Throughout the Programme, delegates will have opportunities to meet and share ideas and experiences with visiting speakers and subject matter experts in healthcare transformation.

WorkshopWorkshop overviewDates

The World We’re In Now

Understanding our shared leadership context, it’s possibilities, priorities and parameters given our learning from Covid198th October 2020

2.00 – 4.30pm

Building collaborative relationships for changeAn introduction to the ways in which the Programme style and content mirrors the leadership approach required to develop PCNs, specifically Asset Based Community Development and Empowerment Coaching.26th October 2020

10am – 12.30pm

New thinking and possibilities for PCNs.Meeting new colleagues (Social Prescribers, Health and Well-Being Coaches, Care Co-Ordinators), hearing about new service models and exploring new ways of working to inform your PCN vision.17th November 2020

10am -12.30pm

Developing a shared PCN vision and purposeAn overview of the importance of vision and purpose to healthcare leadership and opportunity to shape, create and articulate both for PCNs.3rd December 2020

10am – 12.30pm

Leading engaging changeAn exploration of engagement and how to approach change using engaging approaches.16th December 2020

2.00 – 4.30pm

Building your leadership confidence and presenceDeveloping your own leadership impact for engagement.5th January 2021

2.00- 4.30pm

Leading in systemsAn immersion in system leadership and what it means for you as a PCN leader.21st January 2021

2.00 -4.30pm

Taking up your voice in the systemUnderstanding how to influence for system change11th February 2021

10.00 -12.30pm

Close eventAn opportunity to appreciate individual and collective learning, to agree next steps and to exercise system leadership with invited national and local colleagues.4th March 2021

1.00 -4.30pm

The Programme comprises an initial individual welcome conversation between the Programme facilitator and each participant, eight half-day online workshops together with Praxis Group meetings for small groups in between the workshops (dates to be scheduled by group members) and a Close Event:

To register to attend this programme please e-mail Jo.Betterton@leadershipacademy.nhs.uk

 Closing date for applications:   21st September 2020

Confirmation for successful applicants:  25th September 2020

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