Enhancing your impact in virtual settings – Webinars – four session options

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Date(s) - 07 Oct 2020 - 18 Nov 2020


A 90 minute Zoom workshop with Kira Emslie

Gaining the attention of an audience and having the communicative skills to persuade people with clarity and conviction are essential skills of leadership. They are critical when we find ourselves working with others and seeking to attract people to work collaboratively with us.

However, as Professor Martin Marshall, Chair of the RCGP, notes in a recent interview, ‘”But the most important part of general practice requires relationships, and it is more difficult to develop relationships remotely than when you are face-to-face,” he says.’

In these events, Kira Emslie, a professional speaking coach and voice specialist with an expertise in voice physiology and performance techniques, will help participants to explore the issue of voice and presence in all communication contexts –including, of course, the virtual spaces in which we find ourselves more and more at this time –by helping those taking part to appreciate how to transcend the barriers to effective exchange. Additionally, they will offer insight into how to use these platforms more effectively in terms of getting the most from them and getting your message across.

Kira will use her extensive experience and rich expertise to explore the contrasts that exist between the sort of business communication to which we are most used and the ways in which we are working with and alongside people at this time. She will also introduce the Five Power Tools that she promotes for effectiveness in terms of voice and presence, each considered in light of the range of contexts in which we find ourselves.

Each event will be delivered via Zoom and will run for 90 minutes but will be interactive in terms of offering space and time to test out tips and techniques in practice. They will all four share the same 30-minute introduction, covering the core material.

This will be followed by a separate practice session in break out rooms, attending to four different topics, which are outlined in the schedule below. (Our timings allow participants to join just one introductory session and potentially all four practice sessions.)

We offer these four sessions –each with a common introduction but a different practice focus –on the following dates:

Wednesday 07.10.20- (12:45 for) 13:00 –14:30 Presentation Skills

Wednesday 21.10.20 – (12:45 for) 13:00 –14:30 Interviews

Wednesday 04.11.20 – (12:45 for) 13:00 –14:30 Complex Conversations

Wednesday 18.11.20 – (12:45 for) 13:00 –14:30 Large Meetings

For further information about these exciting sessions or to register for a place, please contact the NHSI London Leadership & Lifelong Learning Team via Sherin Jacob at the following email address:


These workshops have been evaluated as highly impactful by the NHS London Leadership Academy, where sessions have been for the London Women’s Leadership Network, and as part of their workstream on speaking truth to power. Kira’s expertise is greatly valued by participants –and these sessions will support participants to consider the challenge of the persuasiveness of voice and presence in general and with a specific nod to the circumstances in which we all currently find ourselves.