Change Logs – EMIS 2019-20

7th February 2020

Now that all practices are on SNOMED-CT we are able to roll out some long awaited fixes!

PACT Alerts

Some changes made to the PACT alerts, as outlined below:

  • Changed ‘SMI Missing Requirements’ alert to exclude prompt for QRISK on patients with pre-existing CVD conditions, as they are ineligible for QRISK
  • Added new Alert for HCCR. Where HCCR and QoF Cancer Review are coded on the same day, these patients do not qualify for PACT HCCR payment. Alert to ensure coding is correct.

LD Health Check Alert

  • This alert was using last years dates, updated to use this years dates

30th November 2019


  • Added PACT Care Plan v5. New Care Plan which includes a cover page.

Appointment Reporting Searches

  • Reports to support Winter Resilience. Identifying slots ‘Reserved for NHS111’.

27th September 2019


  • Added MDT Assessment v1.2 (previously named ECP CGA form)
  • New referral form for Wandsworth Carers Centre: WCC (Wandsworth Carers Centre) Referral Form v1
  • De-activated: Wandsworth MSK SPA Referral Form. Use Ref – Wandsworth MSK Single Point of Access – Physiotherapy (v1 W) located in Ardens – Wandsworth directory

Doc Templates (CAHS Referrals)

  • New Managed Referrals form for Flu Referrals. Named: Wandsworth CAHS Flu Managed Referral Form v0.1

28 June 2019

PACT Template – v1.2

  • Removed Mandatory fields for Gait and Rockwell frailty – prevented users from using the template to complete unrelated items, like Depot injections.
  • New Serious Mental Illness Health Check page – Requirement 14.
  • New Non Diabetic Hyperglycaemia page – Requirement 13

PACT Workload Searches – v1.3

  • Added filter to ensure FBC and TFT are pathology reports.

PACT Payment Searches – v1.3

13. New NDH searches

14. New SMI searches

1 June 2019

PACT Payment Searches – v1.2

2A. ECP Patient with a Care Plan

  • Fixed – Wrong dates were applied resulting in zero activity for ALL practices.

29 April 2019

PACT Payment Searches – v1.1

  • Carers register search date corrected from 1 April 2019 to 1 April 2018.

PACT Managing Registers- v1.1

  • Corrected date for Full Service registration from “last fiscal year” to ” after or on 15 Mar 2018 and before 1 Apr 2019″.
    This was to accomodate practices that coded their Full Service registers after last year GP Peer Meeting 14 March 2018.

5 April 2019

PACT Care Home Template – v1.1

  • Added Community Behaviour and Communication Support Service info.

PACT Template – v1.0

  • Retitled the template to include version info

Doc Template – PACT Care Home Care Plan – v1.3

  • Fixed missing data for merge fields, Preferred Place of Care, Preferred Place of Death and Resus status.
  • Included the Behaviour and Communication Support Service to info page.

Doc Template – Wandsworth CAHS Referral Form QS – v0.3

  • Added the form free text boxes for “Referral in to Social Services”

31 March 2019

New Everything.