2 Week Rule Process

Local Operating Procedure
Two week rule (TWR) – Urgent referrals MICAS

St. Georges do not accept Two week rule for Micas.
If in any case cancer is suspected a referral to an alternative hospital will be made. A Micas clinician may decide from previous results, reports and scans after an initial assessment or follow up appointment that cancer is suspected. The clinician will usually have a separate referral form which is on Emis under the name of ‘Sarcoma Suspected Cancer Referrals’ and this will have all details of where the referral has to be sent. The referral will be sent to different hospitals for tumours, bone and tissue problems via the indicated email address we request a read receipt to confirm it has been seen and usually give the patient a call within a week to confirm they have an appointment scheduled.

Urgent Referral
For MICAS it is only when a patient has had diagnostic investigations such as an MRI or Ultrasound scan and the results comes back as an alert it then gets sent to the referring clinician who will then do an urgent referral to orthopaedics refer as indicated. We request a read receipt to confirm it has been seen.
The email address for the Urgent Team CBS – UrgentTeam.CBS@stgeorges.nhs.uk

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