Overview & Referral Process

What is the Wrist Splint Service?

The service is for patients who have been experiencing pain in their wrists. The service is commissioned by Wandsworth CCG.

The splint stabilises the wrist in a straight and sometimes slightly bent-back position, thus minimising the pressure on the median nerve and allows the patient a period of ‘relative rest’ from movements, which may make the carpal tunnel syndrome worse.

What is the referral process?

The GP will decide whether to refer the patient to this service. Patients can also be referred following an appointment with our MICAS team.

Please use the Splints Referral Template to refer the patient to us. This form needs to be imported into the EMIS system you use if this hasn’t been done.

All referrals should be sent to waccg.splints@nhs.net

We will process the referral within 5 working days. Once processed, we will send you a confirmation of the request, and the splint – along with the fitting instructions – will be sent to the patient.