Practice Support Team

You may recall that last year, as part of the Quality Contract ( via MQES), Battersea Healthcare conducted Practice Support Visits (PSTs) to twelve practices building on the model used in previous years. The contract this year involves us supporting  practices with areas they have found challenging for example gathering PPI feedback, CQC preparation, nursing concerns, practice management support or audit. If you know of any areas you may feel you need support in please can you let us know to enable us to target our resources appropriately.

Please contact Matt Hamilton or Pam Wilson via in the first instance or 0203 198 9706 and if urgent please call 0207 228 6654.

Would you like to join the Practice Support Team

The Practice Support Team is always looking for new members to join the team.  If your practice can spare a doctor, nurse, or a practice manager every so often; please do contact us at