General Practice Outcome Standards

How to access GPOS report

We will send you a GPOS report as part of the PST visit. If you would like to download the report yourself the instructions are shown below:

  • Log onto Primary Care Website using your login credentials or request a login.
  • Select the Medical box, Top left hand side, this will take you onto another page with four boxes to choose from.
  • Click on General Practice Outcome User (Quality improvement Level), and another page will come up on screen with 9 boxes for you to choose from.
  • Please select Reports, from the list provided.
  • When the next page appears there will be a box in the middle of the page asking for the Practice you want the information for.
  • Inside the box type the name of the practice, you may only have to put the first couple of letters then is should bring up a list of Practices for you to choose from.
  • Once you have found the practice underneath their name you will see two sentences.
  • View short report and view full report, click on both of them and a document will appear on your screen for you to have a look at.