Rapid Response

Rapid Response


A rapid response visiting service to all Wandsworth patients, over the age of 18, who are at high risk of admission.

The Rapid Response Visiting Service responds to patients within 2 hours of receiving the visit request and deeming it a patient that is at high risk of admission following clinical triage. The service will be during core hours. The visit request  can be as a result of a call from the patient (or their family/carer) and has also  been broadened to include a pathway to accept referrals for these visits from London Ambulance Service (LAS), local nursing / residential care homes, older peoples liaison service at St Georges Hospital (Patients who present to the emergency department and do not need admission but need close medical follow up) and the acute admission avoidance pathway.

To reduce the likelihood of admission, following the rapid response attendance, patients will be required to be followed up by the GP or another suitable clinician within the practice within three days. This will ensure the patient’s condition has not deteriorated further and/or escalate as required. The Health & Social Care Coordinator will provide administration support and/or coordinate referrals as required.

Practice responsibilities

As part of the contract, the practice will ensure:

  • Sufficient capacity is available in order to deliver a reasonable demand of rapid Response” visits by a GP or ANP during core hours;
  • Every effort is made to meet the two-hour response time with resources adjusted during the early stages to reflect demand;
  • A process is in place to enable requests for a Rapid Response visit are clinically triaged within 15 minutes;
  • A process is in place and adhered with to ensure patients receive the follow up contacts for three days every 24 hours;
  • Regular reviews of performance against the KPI targets;
  • The responsible clinician completes the Rapid Response EMIS templates with the required information in a timely fashion;
  • Processes are in place to ensure a seamless flow of information between the responsible clinician and Health & Social Care Coordinator;
  • A dedicated phone line will be required to take referrals from LAS, OPAL, and AAA;
  • Relationships with local care home registered with the practice are fostered to support patient care;
  • Operational issues are shared with the GP Federation to assist with potential solutions;
  • A process is in place for the aggregated data items to be collected either through the practice submitting to the Federation or permit the Federation to extract anonymised aggregated data through a data sharing agreement.