Pharmacy Reviews


MUR visits for 2017/18

We will be operating the same Medicines Use Review (MUR) service as last year.  A pharmacist will visit the practice and an undertake an MUR for patients the practice has identified.

Preparing for a visit

As each practice has a varying number of ECP patients, this would also be an opportunity to review other non-ECP patients if you wished to ensure that the day is effectively used.  The Pharmacist has highlighted other groups may include:

– on drugs needing regular or specialist testing or monitoring e.g Warfarin, DMARDS, immunosuppressants , methotrexate;
– patients recently discharged from hospital needing a review of their regimen to prevent duplication and interactions (these account for 8% of hospital re-admissions);
-any patients who would benefit from a review and support to prevent them having hospital admissions;
– nursing home patients where large volumes of stock are being ordered or where prescriptions need lining up to end at the same time for ease of GP practice processing;
– QoF areas that you need to earn extra points on e.g. diabetes , asthma;
– repeat attendees to the surgery who are not coping with complex regimes – we can review and provide support mechanisms to help the patient move forward;
– elderly patients on multiple drugs;
– patients on complex regimes;
– those on expensive ‘specially manufactured ‘ items that need review;
– patients not coping with their equipment e.g arthritic patients or those with poor co-ordination struggling with inhaler technique

While on site they can also provide advice and support on drug shortages, interactions and medicines issues to help your service run more smoothly.