PACT Payment Schedule

PACT Payment Schedule for 2017-18

PACT MonthEmis extract/*Reports SubmissionSubmission of Training Hours and ADA'sPRS Report IssuedPayment Date (latest)
-------------- 2017--------------
April2nd May5th May22nd May26th May
May1st June 5th June 21st June28th June
June1st July 5th July21st July28th July
July1st August4th August21st August26th August
August1st September5th September21st September28th September
September1st October6th October20th October27th October
October1st November6th November21st November30th November
November1st December6th December21st December29th December
-------------- 2018--------------
December2nd January5th January 22nd January28th January
January1st February6th February21st February28th February
February1st March6th March21st March28th March
March2nd April5th April20th April27th April
*Report Submission are only for practices that have opted out of data sharing.

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PACT Payment Schedule for 2018-19

When by



1st of every month*

BHCIC extracts EMIS search data from each practice. 

The searches look for the relevant codes from 1st April up until the end of the previous month. If you make any adjustments during the current year, this will automatically be picked up by our searches. E.g. an adjustment performed in July for activity in May will be collected.

* Note this can be delayed by a few days when EMIS have issued a patch (or system upgrade) which means no searches will have been run. 

5th working day of each month

Practices submit the ADA’s and training hours via the portal

Submitting your ADA’s and training hours should be made through the practice portal.  We encourage all practices to submit this either on a monthly or quarterly basis. 

10th to 12th working day of each month

BHCIC issue PACT Activity Report and summary

An email with your individual practice activity and a year to date spreadsheet will be emailed to the practice PACT distribution list.  We would encourage all practices to check their activity to ensure it is accurate and perform any corrections during the course of rather than end of the year.

By 26th of each month

Payment made

Practices will receive a remittance by email detailing the individual and total payment made into the practice bank account.  Note: The practice do not need to an issue an invoice. 

If you require support or would like to us to visit the practice to go through PACT (or the other contracts you deliver with us), contact  A number of practices have requested this as it helps to identify reasons why you are not getting paid for certain items or clarify queries of what you can and cannot claim for, etc.