Geriatrician Hotline for GPs

sguhAs part of the redesign and improvement of Frailty services, St George’s Hospital is working closely with Wandsworth CCG to improve access to specialist Geriatrician advice for local GPs. The launch of a hotline for GPs to have direct access to specialist advice from a Consultant Geriatrician is intended to help contribute to the avoidance of an acute admission to hospital and enhance the quality of care for frail older patients.

The Consultant Geriatrician team at St George’s now comprises the following team members:

  • Dr Mark Cottee, Consultant Geriatrician
  • Dr Malin Farnsworth, Consultant Geriatrician
  • Dr Bryony Elliott, Consultant Geriatrician and Orthogeriatrician
  • Dr Christopher Sin Chan, Consultant Geriatrician
  • Dr Helen Jones, Consultant Geriatrician
  • Dr Joanna Preston, Consultant Geriatrician
  • Dr Samantha Keeling, Consultant Geriatrician
  • Dr Elzbieta Cifonelli, Locum Consultant Geriatrician and Orthogeriatrician
  • Dr Harold Lo, Consultant Geriatrician and Clinical Director for Community Service

The Consultant team provides a 24 hour on-call service, with one of the above team members accessible at all times for emergencies only.

The Hotline for GPs invites telephone calls to the Consultant Geriatrician on-call for specialist advice and opinion between 9.00am and 7.00pm initially.

To access this service, the on-call Consultant should be contacted via the main hospital switchboard on 020 8672 1255, requesting to be directed through to the Consultant Geriatrician on-call.

Please note that this hotline should not be used to advise the team of patients who require urgent admission to hospital, which should continue to go through the existing medical admission process to avoid unnecessary delay.

As this is a pilot service and to encourage uptake from GPs, the Consultant team have intentionally not provided any specific examples of instances where the hotline could be used. GPs are encouraged to contact the Consultant Geriatrician on-call for advice as they deem clinically appropriate and in best the interests of patients where it is felt that this would be of any benefit.