Wandsworth Musculo-Skeletal Assessment Service – Patient Questionnaire

Please take time to answer this short questionnaire to help us improve the service we offer.
  • Where was your appointment held?
  • With which clinicians was your appointment with?
  • Were you happy with the choice of dates?
  • Were you happy with the choice of locations?
  • Were you happy with the manner of the telephone call from the booking centre?
  • Did the appointment letter you received contain useful information, including the date and time of your booking and directions to the location?
  • Please answer in minutes.
  • Were you given enough time to ask questions?
  • Did the Clinician answer your questions in a way that you could understand?
  • Was the results procedure and any after-care required explained in a way that you could understand
  • Would you prefer to be seen in a community setting rather than at a hospital?
  • Would you recommend our service to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?
  • If you would like us to contact you please put your e-mail address below: